About Us

Phenomic AI is using phenotypic screening and machine learning to accelerate drug discovery. Founded by an international team of researchers at the University of Toronto and the Institute of Cancer Research in London, we were among the first researchers to develop deep learning based techniques for microscopy data. We have previously demonstrated the success of this approach on analyzing protein dynamics in genome wide yeast screens, mechanism of action profiling in drug screens of breast cancer cells, and metastases detection in whole slide histopathology images.

Data-analysis strategies for image-based cell profiling

Juan C Caicedo, Sam Cooper, … , Oren Kraus, et al.
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Automated analysis of high‐content microscopy data with deep learning

Oren Kraus, et al.
Molecular Systems Biology (2017)

Computer vision for high content screening

Oren Kraus and Brendan Frey
Critical reviews in biochemistry and molecular biology (2016)

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PM Trudeau learns about Phenomic AI

At this year’s Machine Learning and the Market for Intelligence Conference, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited Phenomic AI’s demo to learn about how we are accelerating drug discovery with …