Phenotypic screening approaches unlock new targets.

Deep-learning enables super-human image classification.

High-content imaging readouts capture more biology, faster.


At Phenomic AI we’re leveraging computer vision and high-content screening to develop the next wave of therapeutic antibodies against cancer and fibrosis. Specifically, the deep neural networks that we've developed allow us to screen and analyse much more physiologically relevant disease models. Meanwhile, the proprietary library for target discovery that we've built combines antibodies and compounds for the first time ever opening up new regions of target space that we can mine. With a state-of-the art pipeline for identifying and optimising therapeutic antibodies against the targets we're discovering, we're now set to industrialize early stage discovery, and through this maximise our opportunities in the clinic.


Oren Kraus; Co-Founder

With a PhD from Brendan Frey's lab, Oren was one of the first researchers to apply deep-learning to microscopy, publishing multiple times. He is right at the forefront of the deep-learning revolution in biotechnology.

Sam Cooper; Co-Founder

With expertise in molecular biology, oncology, machine learning, and even some practical synthetic chemistry knowledge, Sam is dedicated to realizing ideas that will change the world.

Allison Nixon; Biology

Allison completed her PhD with Jason Moffat, a leader in biological drug discovery, where she developed some of the first potential therapeutic antibodies against mechanical signalling.

Étienne Dumoulin; Software

With 5 years of start-up experience building products from scratch, and time at Accenture developing deep-learning solutions, Étienne is firmly in the elite deep-learning developer camp.

Liz Koch; Biology

Liz completed her PhD with Brad Wouter and before this designed and ran phenotypic assays for 2 years with a biotech start-up, Liz brings these awesome assay dev skills to Phenomic AI.

Max London; Biology

Max completed his PhD with Sachdev Sidhu, using phage display to target growth factor receptors with antibodies, that are now being spun out into patentable therapeutics.

Hayley Smith; Software

Hayley completed her undergraduate at Waterloo after co-op placements at Apple and Deloitte. She now brings this big-tech know-how to Phenomic AI.

Kshitij Gupta; Software

Following an undergrad in C.S. from IIT Ropar, Kshitij travelled across the world to study machine learning in Toronto. Kshitij is working closely with partners on advanced segmentation problems.

Grant Watson; Machine Learning

Before making the leap to AI, Grant completed studies in theoretical physics at Waterloo and Boston University. Grant is now working at Phenomic AI with Jimmy Ba on unsupervised models.

Relevant Publications

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“Computer vision for high content screening”

Oren Kraus and Brendan Frey
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September 7th, 2018

The Phenomic team head to SBI2

SBI2 is the premier conference in high-content imaging and data analysis. This year 7 of the Phenomic team are on there way to Boston where they are Gold Sponsors, to get up to speed with the latest techniques in the field, as well as grow their network and develop new collaborations and partnerships.

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April 4th, 2018

Oren wins Donnelly Thesis prize for automating phenotypic screening with deep learning

Oren Kraus took up coding because, by his own admission, he was not cut out for doing experiments in the lab. Now an image recognition software he helped create has the potential to transform biomedical research and drug discovery.

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November 11th, 2017

Sam Cooper explains to The Guardian how artificial intelligence is improving the way we treat cancer

Sam Cooper, Phenomic AI co-founder, was recently featured in The Guardian discussing how AI will affect drug discovery and cancer research.

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November 3rd, 2017

PM Trudeau learns about Phenomic AI

At this year’s Machine Learning and the Market for Intelligence Conference, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited Phenomic AI’s demo to learn about how we are accelerating drug discovery with machine learning!

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